Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Virginia Governor Advertises Tax Increase

Despite Virginia's $1.4 billion budget surplus, Governor Tim Kaine is running ads promoting his once-foresworn plan to raise taxes:

RICHMOND March 22 -- Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) launched a multimedia barrage Wednesday aimed at boosting support for transportation tax increases and hammering House delegates who oppose them.


The General Assembly, divided on the transportation spending issue, adjourned March 11 without passing a budget. Kaine called for a special session, which is scheduled to start Monday, but the legislators on the budget conference committee have been meeting on and off during the interim.


The radio ad, which is being paid for by Kaine's political action committee, Moving Virginia Forward, marks the beginning of an election-style campaign aimed at putting pressure primarily on Republican delegates. Sources have said the campaign is aimed particularly at 26 Republicans who are considered persuadable.


House Republicans said the governor's telephone calls and radio ads stress transportation investments but not the tax increases Kaine has proposed to finance them.

That shouldn't be a surprise.

Now for a quick campaign flashback, from the Kaine campaign:

As he has done in his ads, Kilgore repeatedly accused Kaine of planning to raise taxes if he is elected, a charge the Democrat denied during the debate.


Kaine has been criticized by some business groups for saying he would not seek new money for transportation until the state passed a constitutional amendment that would prevent road funds from being diverted to other programs.

And from some of Kaine's most rabid supporters (quoting the Washington Examiner):
KaineƂ’s pledge not to raise any levies - including the gas tax - until a constitutional amendment that prohibits the General Assembly from making any future raids on the Transportation Trust Fund is passed should be the centerpiece of any transportation policy.


There are probably even better quotes out there, but it's really not worth the effort.

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