Saturday, May 06, 2006

P.G. County Insulted by Unwatched TV Show?

The Washington Post reports, but we don't know why they bothered:

The decades-old debate over how to refer to [Maryland's Prince George's County] was resurrected after the April 27 airing of an episode of ABC's "Commander in Chief." The show focused on a fictional protest over the county's high homicide rate and a lack of police protection, and some people found its repeated use of the term "P.G." as offensive as its portrayal of the county as a lawless place in need of emergency federal protection.

"The people in this county know that when other people say it, it's meant as a put-down," Sharon Taylor, a spokesman for County Executive Jack B. Johnson (D), said after the episode.


Outside the Safeway at Bowie Town Center, Bob Leedy, a truck parts salesman from Glenn Dale, was loading groceries and his 2-year-old son in his sport-utility vehicle. The lifelong Prince George's resident was matter-of-fact: He'd never heard of any controversy. "Prince George's is a long name," he said. "It's easier to say P.G."

There's more to the article, but only read it for laughs.

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April said...

I have worked in P.G. county for just about going on two years and I don't think I have called it Prince George's since the second week.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe with the growing problems that plague our county, that some continue to focus on issues that are so insignificant.

It does not matter how we say Prince George's County, it will not change the fact that we have had close to 40 murders this year. In my opinion there is a lack of community involvement and county officials are not taking efficient measures in curtailing the crime problem. Residents of Prince George’s County have no one to blame but ourselves. If crime was down and our educational system was performing on an acceptable level, it would not matter what people called the county.