Thursday, November 09, 2006

More on the Election

From AEI:
[The Virginia Senate race] may be one of the most hilariously ironic races in the country. National Democrats are slamming the incumbent Republican senator George Allen for his fondness for Confederate memorabilia. Yet their candidate Webb genuinely is what Allen merely pretends to be: His great-great-grandfather rode with Nathan Bedford Forrest's murderous cavalry; Webb, who has often spoken eloquently in praise of the southern soldiery, named his own son after Robert E. Lee. Talk about your red-state appeal!
It's a good article overall, concluding:
[Democrats] will find themselves again and again confronted by the hard reality that over the long run the only way to seem tough on defence is to be tough on defence.
As well as:
...America's friends and foes abroad will be startled to discover that [the election] was a sharp move toward the Democratic party--without any move at all to the political or ideological left.
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