Monday, December 18, 2006

Local Governments Blame Feds for Local Crime

The Washington Post reports:

Violent crime reports surged by nearly 4 percent in the first six months of 2006 when compared with the same time period a year earlier, including a dramatic increase of nearly 10 percent for robberies, according to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report.


The recent crime increases have prompted widespread criticism by police chiefs and state law enforcement officials around the country, who complain that the federal government has retreated from [redistributing] money and other help to localities in favor of programs focused on counterterrorism and homeland security.


Justice Department officials have previously rejected such criticisms, arguing that federal policies play a limited role in combating local crime. One senior Justice official called the 2005 statistics a "yellow flag" that did not represent a trend.

Imagine that, the federal government giving priority to federal issues when it comes to wealth redistribution.

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April said...

Local governments are getting even more money according to our survey.

Some of it isn't as earmarked as it used to be so the local governments have to choose where to spend the money.