Sunday, February 11, 2007

Which America Does John Edwards Live In?

The Macaca Post reports:

Former Sen. John Edwards, the "working man's" presidential candidate, is getting some heat for his new, palatial estate outside Chapel Hill in Orange County, North Carolina. Even a few folks who are close to the Edwardses have expressed alarm to political reporters about the 29,000-square-foot house and connecting recreation-and-media arena.


The main house on the compound is more than 10,000 square feet and is joined by a long enclosed walkway (actually, a huge photo gallery) to a gigantic red barn. "The Barn," as it's called on the Edwards' building plans, houses a basketball court, a squash court, a four-story tower, two stages and a swimming pool.

Click here for the aerial photo.

If Edwards truly cares about the poor, why didn't he build a smaller house and donate the rest to charity? Or make any effort at all to improve the lives of others. Instead he uses his wealth (obtained at the expense of the suffering) to build a modern plantation... but maybe he lets poor people come by the delivery entrance from time to time. That's outreach.

Now I don't usually care that the rich have large houses, but this just shows Edwards' distance from reality. He talks about "two Americas" and tries to cast himself as the anti-poverty candidate, but his life tells an entirely different story. John Edwards doesn't represent the poor any more than the poor represent John Edwards.

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