Saturday, July 29, 2006

$1 Million in Art Sought for Future Metro Stations

The Washington Post reports:

The long-sought Metrorail extension to Dulles International Airport is still awaiting federal funding, but transit officials say it's not too early to decide what riders will look at as they begin and end their commute.

Metro has put out an international call for artists to put their aesthetic stamp on four train stations planned in Tysons Corner and one at Wiehle Avenue in Reston, the terminus of the project's first leg. The artist's medium can range from sculpture to lights to murals. But Metro insists that applicants have experience creating public art and that the art be three-dimensional, durable and vandal-resistant.

"We want the artist to have an absolutely clean palette and be totally creative," said Michael McBride, manager of Metro's Art in Transit program, which has installed 23 works in the system's 86 stations since 1995.


Arts in Transit has grown into a popular feature of the subway system, and Metro officials have made a commitment to include art in all future station designs.


The budget for each of the five stations is about $200,000, McBride said, which covers the cost of heavy materials such as steel or copper.

If I've seen much of this "art" it hasn't been very distinctive.

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yachismom said...

How about them hiring some street artists? I have heard of them doing that in other cities. Sure can save money that way and if it get vandalized they can afford to have it repainted.