Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Senator's Wife Declared "Distracting" in Alexandria

Commonwealth Conservative reports on a report from Alexandria's birthday celebration Saturday:

Virginia senatorial wife Susan Allen and Republican operative Mary Matalin, accompanied by their respective daughters, were asked to leave a birthday celebration for the city of Alexandria on Saturday evening because they were “distracting.”

That says a close friend of Mrs. Allen, the wife of Virginia Republican Sen. George Allen, who is seeking re-election to a second term.

“They were asked to leave the public event by Alexandria’s Parks and Recreation Department because they were told they were ‘distracting,’” the friend states. “That was the exact word [officials] used. Perhaps these Alexandria servants should be reminded that politicking at public, community events is a time-honored, American tradition, not to mention a First Amendment right.”

Actually, the two women weren’t so much politicking as they were attracting attention while strolling through the waterfront festival, held at Oronoco Bay Park...

Alexandria is known for being a Democratic bastion. The current mayor, vice mayor and council members are all Democrats. In addition, Old Town is home to former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, a Democrat who has his own eyes on the White House in 2008. Mr. Allen resides in the Mount Vernon section of Fairfax County, just south of Alexandria.

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April said...

So that is a different kind of "distrcting" than the Webb supporters heckling people?