Sunday, January 27, 2008

Romney, McCain Argue for Giuliani Nomination

From the AP:

Mitt Romney and John McCain are in an increasingly bitter and personal struggle to control the campaign conversation before Florida's primary on Tuesday - and the Republican presidential nomination itself may go to the one who succeeds.

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and venture capitalist, casts himself as a business-savvy economic turnaround artist amid recession anxiety, while McCain, the Arizona senator and former Vietnam veteran, portrays himself as a courageous wartime commander in chief in a dangerous world.

"He has an enormous disadvantage when it comes to the topics of changing Washington or fixing our economy," Romney said Sunday, arguing that he is far stronger than McCain on both issues.

Countered McCain: "Even if the economy is the, quote, No. 1 issue, the real issue will remain America's security" - and, unlike him, Romney is deficient in that area.


Rudy Giuliani... is hoping to benefit in Florida from the Romney and McCain squabbling by staying above the fray. "What we should be talking about is not negative criticisms of each other," he scolded Sunday. He has been arguing that he offers a perfect combination - strength on the economy and on security - and says: "If you choose me, you have both."

Both Romney and McCain have been spending much of the campaign making arguments that ultimately support Giuliani. It's kind of fun to watch.

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