Friday, January 18, 2008

Virginia May Make Car-Buying More Difficult

The Macaca Post reports:

Northern Virginia residents could face long lines at the DMV after action by lawmakers Thursday that would force car buyers to pay auto sales taxes directly to the state instead of through dealers.

The House Transportation Committee passed a bill Thursday that would tweak last year's landmark transportation package by repealing the costly, unpopular abusive-driver fees and adding another step to the car-buying process for residents of Northern Virginia.

Instead of paying sales taxes through dealers, buyers would have to pay them at the DMV in person or possibly endure a lengthier process by mail or online. The proposal would make it impossible to finance the new 1 percent tax that is assessed on car sales in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads.

So they want to bail out the state's worst drivers and make it harder than it already is to buy a car.

Barbara Reese, deputy secretary of the Department of Transportation, said she has "serious concerns" about the proposal, which she said would be a burden to the DMV and car buyers.


Despite the objections of the Department of Transportation, the House Transportation Committee voted in favor of the bill repealing the driver fees and changing the tax collection method with little discussion.

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