Sunday, January 08, 2006

Top Ten Outside the Beltway Stories of 2005

Since both Nick and April actually lived outside the Beltway for most of 2005 (and Nick was very very very outside of it) it seemed appropriate to follow up the Top Ten Inside the Beltway Stories of 2005 with a list of news stories from outside the Beltway.

I give you the Top Ten Outside the Beltway Stories of 2005:
  1. Iraqis vote in three national elections and approving a new constitution.

  2. The EU Constitution is rejected by French and Dutch voters.

  3. The Pope dies, many are shocked that his successor is Catholic.

  4. Terrorists attack London subways. The UK, unlike Spain, does not surrender.

  5. Saddam Hussein's first trial begins.

  6. Hurricanes hit hurricane country, areas below sea level get especially wet.

  7. Paris burns.

  8. Non-citizens gave John Kerry eight electoral votes in 2004.

  9. The Second Roadtrip Across America.

  10. Michael Jackson is not convicted, but everyone still thinks he's creepy.
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April said...

Where will we go for the 2006 roadtrip?