Monday, February 06, 2006

America Ponders the Eyebrow

The Washington Times reports:

Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine's national television debut raised a few eyebrows last week, including those of funnyman Jon Stewart.

The Democratic governor delivered the rebuttal to President Bush's State of the Union address from the executive mansion in Richmond, in front of a glowing fire.

Mr. Stewart apparently thought the decor was laughable, and did the following bit on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show." He played a clip of Mr. Kaine saying he was honored to give the rebuttal "on behalf of my commonwealth, my fellow Democratic governors ..."

"And my decorator," finished Mr. Stewart.

"I'm in Liberace's parlor room," the comedian sang.

"But the Democrats picked Kaine for more than just his arched eyebrow and sweet crib," Mr. Stewart said, playing a montage of Mr. Kaine's repeated signature line, "There's a better way."

I feel sorry for anyone who actually watched Governor Eyebrow's speech. America seems to be saying, "Why did you do this to us?"

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