Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Senator Allen Gets Republican Opponent, Running as a Democrat

The Washington Post reports:

James Webb, who served as President Ronald Reagan's Navy secretary, said Tuesday that he will seek the Democratic nomination to run against U.S. Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) this year, hoping to challenge the one-term incumbent on foreign policy and the conduct of the war in Iraq...

Allen's chief of staff, Dick Wadhams, said of Webb's announcement: "Senator Allen has always expected a competitive race. We will run on competitiveness, national security and values."

Before he can face Allen, though, Webb needs to get past former lobbyist Harris Miller, who announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination last month. Miller quit his job as head of the Information Technology Association of America to run.

...winning the Democratic nomination in Virginia this year will require Webb to explain his Republican roots.

He had served as an assistant secretary of defense under Reagan and was appointed secretary of the Navy in 1987. A year later, Webb resigned the post abruptly amid clashes with Defense Secretary Frank C. Carlucci...

In 1994, Webb endorsed Sen. Charles S. Robb (D-Va.) for reelection over retired Marine Lt. Col. Oliver L. North, calling North a chronic liar. Six years later, Webb switched sides, endorsing Allen, the man he now hopes to beat. At the time, Webb said Allen was "better on issues of national security" than Robb was.

An opportunist in the mold of Wesley Clark (R/D/R/D-AR), it will be interesting to see if Webb can come up with any genuine Democrat credentials or policy positions.

If not for the recent posturing, I would have been interested in Webb running as a Republican for the Virginia's next open seat (often theorized to be 2008, one way or another).

In a December poll, Webb trailed Allen by over thirty points.

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Jai said...

Apprarently you're not much interested in facts, but for the record, Wes Clark was never ever a Republican.

Webb, on the other hand, at one time was a card-carrying member of the GOP. But men of integrity, like Clark and Webb, put the good of the nation over either party. An ideal you probably cannot understand.

Nick said...

I think I missed the part where the unprincipled pursuit of personal power is "the good of the nation."

Good try though. Next?

common sense center said...

I think I missed the part where the unprincipled pursuit of personal power is "the good of the nation."

When did you become a Bush-Basher, Nick?

Nick said...

I'm assuming that's just an attempt at an idiotic joke, "Josh"