Monday, February 27, 2006

More Congressional Drama in Ohio

St. Clairsville, Ohio - 300 miles outside the Beltway

Less than two weeks after Democrats forced Iraq War veteran Paul Hackett out of the Ohio Senate race, Ohio brings more drama for the Democrats:

The candidate thought of as the Democratic Party’s best chance to succeed current U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland, D-Ohio, Wilson failed to make the Tuesday, May 2, primary election ballot this week after submitting just 46 valid signatures to the Columbiana County Board of Elections. A total of 50 of the 96 signatures he submitted — obtained in Belmont and Scioto counties — were ruled invalid largely because addresses were listed improperly or because the resident signing Wilson’s petition didn’t live in the 6th District.

Wilson, himself, is a resident of the 18th Congressional District and will not be able to vote for himself in the 6th District race.

That's just embarrassing. Gathering signatures is always uncertain, but it's hard to be very sympathetic when the number is so small that it could easily have been scrutinized by Wilson's campaign staff.

Republicans are excited:

The Columbiana County Board of Elections' decision to disqualify him "represents a major setback for National Democrats in their efforts to hold on to one of the country's most vulnerable open seats," the National Republican Congressional Committee said.

"Charlie Wilson has proven he's either habitually careless, or simply doesn't believe he has to play by the same rules that every other Ohioan has to -- that he's above the law," said NRCC spokesman Ed Patru. "Either way, Charlie Wilson's actions are unacceptable for someone pursuing the public trust."

Wilson will face the two previously ignored candidates who did manage to find 50 supporters in their district as a write-in candidate - a difficult and expensive task.

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