Friday, June 09, 2006

Black Leaders Stand Against Racial Groupthink

The Washington Times reports:

Black pastors and civil rights leaders... held separate rallies on Capitol Hill, staking opposite positions on a constitutional amendment aimed at banning homosexual "marriage."

"This is a moral issue that brings us to the table, and I'm a Democrat. We're not the right-wing Republicans that are just trying to make you do what our political agenda says. We have a legitimate concern about the deterioration of our community," said Bishop Harry Jackson, a pastor from Hope Christian Church in Bowie, who opposes homosexual "marriage."


Later in the day, the Human Rights Campaign, the country's top homosexual rights lobbying group, rallied in the same park in opposition to the amendment.

The real story here is that different black "leaders" hold different policy positions and the media reported on it (the Washington Post does not appear to have taken notice of that yet). In addition to the problems with declaring people "leaders" of entire racial groups, the media too often presume total agreement between the "leaders" and their apparent subjects.

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