Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Primary Elections Today in Virginia

Virginia's biggest primary election today will be for the Democrat nominee for U.S. Senate, former activist and lobbyist Harris Miller or former Republican James Webb. The Washington Post reports:

Miller and Webb jumped into the void left last year when Warner decided not to challenge Allen. Since then, the two Democratic candidates have waged a spirited and at times nasty campaign that has often involved questions about what it means to be a loyal Virginia Democrat.


Political observers, and even the candidates themselves, say they do not know how the primary will turn out. Elections officials have said they expect between 3 percent and 5 percent of the state's registered voters to show up at the polls.

The Washington Times has a less quotable article that includes an interesting question:
Herein is where the confusion and distrust for voters comes into play for Virginians. Are they being played? "What kind of Democrat is this?" one Alexandria friend aptly asked of Mr. Webb. And, if Virginia Democrats elect a covert Republican to replace an overt one, Mr. Allen, then what have they accomplished?
Good question.

If Democrats see electing Republicans as their key to victory, why should I disagree?

Elsewhere around the Beltway, Virginia's 8th District has a Republican primary and the 11th has a Democrat primary.

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