Friday, October 13, 2006

Democrats Would Raise Taxes on Everyone

The Washington Times reports:

[T]he ranking Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee, New York Rep. Charles B. Rangel, just about guaranteed tax increases if his party takes over the House after Nov. 7. Asked whether Democrats would consider raising taxes across the whole spectrum of income, Mr. Rangel said, "No question about it."

Some Republicans say Mr. Rangel and his party will soon regret those words.

"Republican tax cuts have removed lots of low-income Americans from the tax rolls, so is Charlie Rangel telling those low-income folks if he and the Democrats take over, they'll put those folks back on the tax rolls?" said American Conservative Union Chairman David A. Keene. "So is he saying his supposed constituency will get to pay taxes again?"

With Democrats still whining about the Republicans' across the board tax cuts and promising more and more wasteful federal spending, that's a fairly obvious "yes".

According to "one senior Republican adviser":
...there are 42 million middle-class families with children, and if [the] tax cuts are allowed to expire or are repealed, each such taxpayer stands to lose 2,000 bucks out of his pocket...
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