Thursday, October 19, 2006

Webb's False Attacks Condemned

The Washington Times notes:

Attack ads are one thing, but blatantly erroneous attack ads should be exposed for the political tricks they are. One such ad is Democrat James Webb's current "Steer" commercial alleging financial misdeeds by Sen. George Allen -- which Mr. Webb should promptly retract. The ad wrongly claims that Mr. Allen "tried to steer government contracts to a company that paid him in stock options," wrongly claims that Mr. Allen "hid those options for years" and wrongly claims that the options are worth $1.1 million. None of this is true.

First, the alleged "steering" of contracts -- it never happened. We're not sure what Mr. Webb's campaign is talking about here; nothing of the sort has ever even been alleged, except for this new ad...

Second, the alleged "hiding" -- this also never happened...

How could the Webb campaign think people wouldn't detect all this? They probably think voters are just too distracted by the flurry of charge-counterchange to understand and really care about the truth. Don't be fooled by such election-year tricksterism.

Webb can't run on the issues. He would have to take a position on them.

Read it all here.

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