Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hurricane Houses

From the AP:

Volunteers began building homes not far from the Washington Monument yesterday, hoping to renew interest in the need to help provide replacement housing for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Federal officials and members of Congress joined business leaders and private citizens in a Habitat for Humanity International project to frame 51 homes for shipment by Nov. 19 to hard-hit areas of the Gulf Coast...

By late next week, one home for each of the nation's 50 states and the District will have been framed on one of five assembly pads set up on the Mall.

Segments will be loaded into containers and onto flatbed trailers, then trucked to Louisiana and Mississippi for reassembly...

I saw these people yesterday on the way to the National Lawyers Convention. The symbolism mentioned in the article raises a few interesting questions though:

1. If the 51 houses are meant to represent the 50 states and DC, are the 46 non-capital-region, non-beneficiary states at all involved in their construction or transportation?

2. Wouldn't it be easier to build the Louisiana and Mississippi houses in... Louisiana and Mississippi?

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