Thursday, December 08, 2005

AAA Says "Stay Home" Friday

AAA Mid-Atlantic:
WASHINGTON, D.C. (Thursday, December 8, 2005) – For the second time this week, the Washington region is bracing for another winter storm. But this time around, conditions could well be more hazardous, if the winter storm warning holds true. AAA Mid-Atlantic is advising motorists to stay home, telecommute, or delay their commutes, or consider mass transit, since forecasters are predicting significant amounts of snow, sleet and ice continuing through early morning hours.
I've seen that DC-area drivers have difficulty with the snow, so I might put off my trip to Wal-Mart for a few days.

The press release contains other information and winter driving tips.

The Washington Post reports as well.

I love snow.


Update, Dec. 9th: Washington Post, Storm Shuts Down Schools, Then Quits

A slippery mix of snow, sleet and freezing, spitting rain moved swiftly in and out of the Washington area today, producing hazardous early-morning driving conditions everywhere, closing down all major school systems and causing the federal government to implement a delayed arrival policy.

The storm began in earnest about 1 a.m. with the National Weather Service saying it could last until 11 a.m. Four hours later, meteorologists were rethinking. "It's moving rapidly," Steven Zubrick, a National Weather Service meteorologist, said about then. "I think we'll see a rapid cessation to the precipitation."

By 7:30, the sun was shining and the storm was gone, leaving many areas awash in slush puddles and road spray.


April said...

The Federal Government is operating with a two hour delay this morning.

However, I decided to just go at my regular time and actually got to work early.

Nick said...

Because everyone else stayed home?

April said...

Pretty much, by noon we were up to 6 of 20 people in our office actually working today.