Saturday, December 03, 2005

Dining in Style

This weekend's Just Barely Inside the Beltway Italian-style dining experience contrasted significantly with last week's visit to Georgetown's Papa Razzi (deep inside the Beltway).

We got a supreme take-and-bake pizza from Costco, brought it home, and put it in the oven -- and discovered that the "Super Capacity" oven is not big enough to cook a Costco pizza. So I ask you, what kind of people have an oven big enough to cook such a thing? We had to cut it in half for it to fit.

It was a good pizza, and was followed with Jello's Pumpkin-style Pie.


Lady Jane said...

The Costco-size pizza fits into our oven, but only just, I think.

How was the pie?

Nick said...

The big square one? (I assume they're the same around the country, but I probably shouldn't.)

Both were tasty.