Saturday, December 31, 2005

Top Ten Beltway Stories of 2005

Just Barely Inside the Beltway might have only been up and running since November 1st, but we've been following the news here and around the world since long before then.

I give you the Top Ten Inside the Beltway Stories of 2005:
  1. The National Zoo's Baby Giant Panda born July 9th.

  2. After eleven years without change on the Supreme Court: A Game of Musical Chairs - O'Connor Retires, Roberts Nominated, Rehnquist Dies, Roberts Re-Nominated, Roberts Confirmed, Miers Nominated, Miers Withdraws, Alito Nominated.

  3. President George W. Bush's 2nd Inauguration.

  4. Democrats demand withdrawal from Iraq, then vote against it.

  5. President Bush's lowest approval ratings remain higher than his predecessors'.

  6. John Bolton receives recess appointment to become U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.

  7. TAE: "The 1,587th death in Iraq provokes no major display of eye-catching graphics in the Western media, as it is not a round number."

  8. D.C. loses a lawsuit against the U.S. Constitution.

  9. Snowman with a giant head.

  10. D.C. ranked 13th most dangerous city, behind Baltimore, Richmond, and ten others.
I had to stretch to find ten worthwhile stories - the Beltway just isn't that important. Feel free to comment on what you might have included.

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JJH said...

I would have included a semicolon or a period in between "stories" and "the." After removing the comma, of course. ;)