Saturday, December 31, 2005

Another Boring Virginia Election

Results are in for the vote mentioned in "Vote for a new Virginia" - internet voters followed Virginia's earlier status quo election with another. The new "Welcome to Virginia" signs will be essentially the same as the ones that already exist.
The current Welcome to Virginia sign design is about 50 years old. Most of the signs are about 14 years old and need replacing. It's a good time for a fresh look. From Nov. 22 through Dec. 4, we asked the public to tell us which of the six designs below they preferred. Just over 56,400 votes were cast.
The current sign and its slightly altered but thematically identical revision received 23.2% and 31.5% of the vote respectively. My choice, featuring a ship like the one already on Virginia license plates and that would commemorate Virginia's rich naval history, came in third with 16.2% of the vote.

I forgot to vote early and vote often.
The first sign will be installed before April 22, 2006, the start of Historic Garden Week in Virginia.
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